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A variety of books mostly occurring in the mid-1800 Americana period, researched and written by David R. Stevens.

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Author: David R. Stevens


Hello, welcome and thank you for stopping by for a quick visit. If you are anything like me, I find myself increasingly frustrated and disgusted at the way consumer prices keep climbing higher and higher for both items we NEED as well as items we'd really like to HAVE!!

Here at DaveStevensBookHouse, we have tried our hardest to not only "have that in mind" (when the publisher was setting the unit-pricing), but also to be able to pass whatever savings there were to be had ~ on to you, our customer.

So, instead of paying the outlandish mark-up prices that you will expect for a brand-new, quality hard-back in ANY retail chain-store (or, even online!!), we, here at DaveStevensBookHouse, have attempted to offer you quality hard-backs - at paperback prices.


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We pride ourselves on offering high quality affordable books.

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Sin Perdon

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While fire-eaters, both North & South, fanned controversial flames into open, armed hostilities, the political situation south of the 1860 US-Mexico border also quickly deteriorated. Prior to opening shots at Fort Sumter, Liberal Republican President Benito Juarez wrestled power away from the clerical Conservatives who had held the country in a oppressive grip since before Spain's embarrassing evacuation. Juarez's election, and subsequent persecutions, prompted affluent expatriate Conservatives to flee to Europe, where, as political refugees, they gained the sympathies of France's Napoleon III.

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