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The service we provide, here at DaveStevensBookHouse, is 100% satisfaction with our products.  

One goal is to pack as much information into our books as possible (which may mean printing at a smaller font), so that you, our customer, has the assurance - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that you received your monies worth.  

Another goal is to ship in a highly-timely manner, once the request has been received.

Every order is individually handled and processed, as it was being carefully shipped as a gift to one of our relatives. Even though we do not have the capabilities to accept credit cards (at the moment), that is one of our primary goals. Until then, we will have to rely on the customer's sensitivities and understanding as we will accept ONLY checks ~ be they of a personal nature, Travelers, Cashier, or Money Orders.

Why are our products "The Best?"  

Because! There really is no other competition!!

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