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The Quest for The Apostle From Magdala 


How many apostles did Jesus have, when he walked this earth, some 2,000 years ago?

. . . and, before we answer that question, we need to first establish the difference between ‘followers,’ ‘disciples,’ and ‘apostles.’

Remember: for a ‘disciple’ to be considered an ‘apostle,’ he must be commissioned, or mandated, with a specific message (i.e.: “Go into all the world and make disciples….”). This is a departure from previous ‘commands’ Jesus had given to His disciples.

Was there a previous ‘mandate’ given by Jesus to any group of people, or, more importantly to one person in particular?

May I propose that Maryam, from the bustling sea-town of Magdala be considered as the premier “Apostle to the Apostles?” Because before there was any group-mandate (to the twelve disciples), Jesus had to re-stoke the dying embers that had just three days hence burned so fervently in the hearts of His disciples.

And Jesus had just the person who could carry such a message:

Jesus could always count on her, because not only did she “follow” the itinerate preacher from town to town, but she financially supported His ministry, and may very well have been responsible for “taking care of the room and board” for Jesus and his followers, as they moved from town to town!

But who could have given so selflessly of herself?

Some people knew her as Mary from Magdala. To her Savior she was only known as:


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