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Broken Peace-Pipes: Albert Pike and American Indians in the Confederacy

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Volumes have already been filled with the exploits of Albert Pike as he rose to preeminence within the ranks of the Masons. So, it will not be our ‘goal’ to build upon those prolific works, save where it touches, significantly, upon the life of the military officer who was selected to approach the various tribes of the Native American Indians, first with treaties and proposals – as presented by the U.S. Federal government, followed by additional ‘Peace Treaties,’ none of which amounted to anything of value than the old parchment upon which were written the empty and hollow words. Because, the American Indians had already witnessed many, many such treaties with the ‘round eye,’ and all had come to naught. Treaties were signed in what has become known as ‘The Treaty Room,’ located in the Old Executive Offices, adjacent to the West Wing of the White House. But, all, categorically, had the same results – the corralling of the Native Americans, and the systematic encroachment on their lands, by the white-man, who was quick to make ‘treaties’ but, not so quick to ensure they were followed to the letter of the law. When ‘The War” came, many tribesmen cast their lots with the peoples of the South...those who had ALSO been treated harshly and unfairly by the Federal government. This is their story.


Hard-Cover w/ Dust Jacket: $35.00 (Plus $3.72 Postage - in the U.S.) Contains MANY B & W Images! Also available in soft-cover: $30.00.

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