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Dancing with the Philistines: The Life & Times of Caleb Huse

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There he was - a highly regarded instructor at the University of Alabama – when official notices arrived from the headquarters of the break-away Confederacy, to report immediately to the CSA’s equivalency of the Federal “White House.” Wars & rumors of war had been increasing, but he had already served his time in the military. He wanted to settle down and raise his rapidly growing family. Nevertheless, he reported to none other than CSA President Jefferson Davis himself, who provided him with written instructions directing him to travel to Europe. This would be difficult, given the fact that the whole continent was in an up-roar over Europe’s inclination toward supporting the CSA. Anyone traveling to Europe would be scrutinized, sanctioned, and worse: imprisoned – if the “patriotic” lynch-mobs didn’t attack him first. Secession fever spared no one! After bidding his family a sad farewell, he traveled to Canada, where passenger-securitization was not so pronounced. His mission? Single-handedly acquire supplies & war materiel for the standing armies of the CSA. However, after arriving, he determined that the Federal government already had had the same tactical idea. So, it was now up to him to comply with his clandestine mission: Not only acquire supplies and war materiel, but oft-times even contracting to have the very ships built that would transport this precious cargo across the Atlantic, trans-loaded in the Caribbean islands, and race in to Southern ports ~ all the while “dancing” with those he considered to be “Philistines.” The man? Colonel Caleb Huse. . . . . .


Hard-Cover w/ Dust Jacket: $35.00 (Plus $3.72 Postage - in the U.S.) Contains MANY B & W Images - some never seen, before. Also available in soft-cover: $30.00.

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