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Drawn for the Slaughter: General R. E. Lee's First Invasion of Maryland

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General Robert E. Lee was in a quandry. Not only had he seen the hardships & suffering of his foot-soilders, but the countryside of his beloved Virginia was being razed. Crops were being violated. Starvation of the local populous was inevitable. Thus, he formulated a plan to "take the war to the enemy," and in the process maybe, just maybe, he could locate some food and sustainance for his hungry army. He heard that MD & PA had food to spare. So, following an embarrasing victory at First Bull Run, and a pocket full of dreams, Lee set his sights on Yakee Territory. One small problem: Northern legislators and Mayors became aware of Lee's intentions and petitioned Lincoln directly for Federal troops to bolster the borders of their cities. Lincoln, or course, reticent, suggested other methods of withstanding the CSA Army's advnace on their cities. So that he would not face any opposition from Federal forces stationed at Harper's Ferry, General Lee dispatched his most able commanders to invest that Federal stronghold. The one-sided battle that followed was just a pre-cursor to what was subsequently to occur on South Mountain and the most bloodiest struggle American had ever witnessed until that time on the fields of a small, seemingly insignificant Northern town identified only as: Sharpsburg.


Hard-Cover w/ Dust Jacket: $35.00 (Plus $3.72 Postage - in the U.S.) Contains MANY B & W Images! Also available in soft-cover: $30.00.

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