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Emissaries of The Vatican: The Church of Rome in the American Civil War

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BOTH sides prayed to the same God. BOTH sides, apparently, believed in the same God. BOTH sides contained "men-of-Faith," who were devout beyond models present in the 21st Century. BOTH sides believe that, in their heart of hearts, they were ‘right,’ and that being ‘right,’ God would have to look favorable upon the one, and unfavorably upon the other. However, could the God of the Universe truly be ‘persuaded’ to chose sides, such as was playing out in the socio-political arenas all across 1800-Americana? Could the God who created all things, both great and small, be interested in the ‘affairs’ that men had involved themselves with, due to missteps, folly, and greed, which had ultimately ended in a clash-of-arms? As the blood of patriotic Americans was spilled upon battlefields across the South, and prayers of supplication arose before the God of everything, the Church in Rome was not idle in stretching forth its particular ecclesiastical influence on both sides, utilizing its well-placed mouth-pieces to become its official mouth-pieces in the conflict. And, God did NOT succor the side who won. MANY B/W images!!


Hard-Cover w/ Dust Jacket: $35.00 (Plus $3.72 Postage - in the U.S.) Contains MANY B & W Images! Also available in soft-cover: $30.00.

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