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High & Holy Causes: Archbishop John Hughes in the American Civil War

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Before there was ever a “Saint Patrick’s Cathedral,” there was a fiery Irish immigrant who the socio-political world would soon know as: John Hughes. Before there was “Gangs of New York City,” there was: John Hughes. Before there was national discontent, that would plunge the entire Country into four, long, arduous years of armed-conflict, pitting brother against brother, and Christians against Christians, there was a feisty Irishman who everyone would come to know as: John Hughes. Before, during, and after Abraham Lincoln and William Seward, there was an individual who dared to stand-for, and go-against, any Leviathan or Goliath – that stood in his way, when it came to the betterment of society, particularly as it pertained to the down-trodden Irish that made up his steadily growing parish. As it is with any and all of my historical tomes, this is the little-known story of a man who time has, basically, forgotten. It is a story of an individual, slight in stature – but, huge in beliefs and convictions, who, single-handedly, took-on the racist-bigoted society of the mid-1800’s, introduced and strengthened a weak and tottering Catholicism to the Americas, and, to his last, dying breath, ensured that the “no [Catholic] child left behind,” of the future George Bush Legacy, was, in fact, a reality that law-makers would not soon, or ever, forget. Before there was a systemized-education template, there was: John Hughes.


Hard-Cover w/ Dust Jacket: $35.00 (Plus $3.72 Postage - in the U.S.) Contains MANY B & W Images! Also available in soft-cover: $30.00.

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