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Quest for the Apostle from Magdala

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"For centuries mysteries and conspiracy theories have swirl around the Magdala Apostle. We have reasonable proof that she was born in the famous fishing city, on the Sea of Galilee, before Jesus the Christ came to earth as a baby, born of a virgin. We have proof the she was a "woman of means," uncommon for the average woman in the Roman and Jewish cultures, which subjected them.

Once Jesus Christ began his earthly mission, we know that this Apostle, along with other women, began to not only follow The Messiah, but support his ministry - "out of her means."

Where the problems arise is when we have modern day presbyters teaching that she, along with two other women having the same name, are all  identified as the same person! The problems are further compounded when the recognized Christian Church continues to perpetrate these controversies, has has continued to do so for the last 400 years - besmerching her good name, by  comparing her with those individuals  that ply their trade at night, so that the wonderful memory of her daily ministry, walking beside the Lord Jesus Christ,  would be diminished, until totally forgotten.

The mission of "Quest" is to  clear-up any misunderstanding, or errors, that still, to this very day, plague the Apostle from Magdala."

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