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The Crenshaws of Richmond


"As political storm-clouds gathered over the Republic, with all signs pointing toward an open, armed conflict (with no end in sight), speculators, both North and South, began to realize the massive potential that such a cataclysmic event could bring. Three brothers, surnamed "Crenshaw," led by their eldest sibling: William, were among that distinguished crowd. Having already established themselves as a respectable shipping-company prior to the War of Northern Aggression,  the Crenshaws, who also held huge milling concerns in Richmond, not only tendered their services to the newly formed Confederate States, but set about building additional sleek, low-profile crafts that could swiftly transport sorely need supplies and war materiel from the Caribbean through the Union Blockade and into Southern Ports. From clock-and-dagger movements across Europe and Great Britain, to hair-raising dashes across the lower Atlantic, the Crenshaw Brothers realized obscene wealth, and loss, beyond their wildest dreams. This is their story.


"The Crenshaws of Richmond" is the author's third book to go to publication. During the author's twenty-three plus equally varied years in the U.S. Army (after four years of seminar), many were spent writing official military reports - hence, the "military bent" in all his books. The author holds a B.A. in Religious Education, and a Master's in History (minoring in the American Civil War). He resides in Northern Virginia  with his wife of almost forty-years, and an old Crocker Spaniel. He has two grown children: a son, a daughter (and, son-in-law), and four grandchildren - all of which reside in Northern Virginia.

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