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Getting Down to Business

As he was directed in Richmond, Huse immediately sought-out the Bank of the Republic. This is where he was to obtain certified letters, from Montgomery, which would allow him to acquire the necessary funds for his mission in Europe. However, when the clerk received Huse's message, he blanched and beckoned him (Huse) to follow him into a side-room, where he quickly pulled down the window-shades. Huse was slightly taken aback at the curious behavior of the clerk and suggested that he, instead, just provide the address of the Trenholm Brothers.

Before departing, the clerk noticed Huse observing the U.S. flag flying in front of the bank. The clerk assured Huse that had the flag NOT been flying there, the mob would have attacked the bank.

Much excitement was in the air - since Col Anderson's command (of Fort Sumter "fame"), had just entered the city, and were marching up Broadway, gathering to themselves much adulation and praise. Huse went directly to the Trenholm concern, on Pine Street.

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