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Payment in Gold

When Caleb Huse snuck into New York, the city was in a full, unthrotteled uproar. The firing on Fort Sumter had ignited a new level of anti-south sentiment. Quickly formed regiments of soldiers could be seen "drilling" in all the parts of the city. This would be a "short-war," their politicians assured them. The South would be brought back under the iron fist of the tyrannical North.

As instructed, Huse sought out his clandestine, southern point of contact - a successful NY businessmen, but sympathetic to The Cause. This gentleman inquired of Huse how much he was requesting for his traveling expenses.

When Huse informed him of the amount, the flustered gentleman inquired the "type" of monetary utility he (Huse) was requesting.

When Huse informed him in Gold, the old man's face reddened and he excused himself from the room - to run-up the street to another pro-Confederay business, to obtain the funds.

With that, Caleb Huse headed to Canada - to board a vessel that was under less scrutiny by prying "TSA" men, to begin his travel to Europe.

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